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  1. sparky_conex

    Formatting DVD+RW

    take a look at my code again i've formatting and burning 1.9Gbs of mp3 data to a brand new Verbatim DVD+RW in under 4.5 minutes you do have problem on my imgburn (at least)for its always appear to full format (i am not sure what a full format is looking mt fugj specs for format) i am not trying to pick at igmburn its one of the disk burning programs i've used (not including mine) its your program that help me write burnit
  2. sparky_conex

    Formatting DVD+RW

    why is imgburn taking so long to format a new dvd+rw and why re fomatting every time so why can i do it so that my program can use it in < 30 secs and will burn correctly format needs only once using manufacter default list imgburn shows started but is ready to burn Descriptor Type in Read Format Capacities reads 0 = Res:1 = Unfomatted Media:2 = Formatted Media:3 = No Media scsi->ReadFormatCapacity(scsi->packet[0]); if(scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[8] == 1)// 1 = Formatted Media so skip { wsprintf(szBuffer,"DVD+RW Is Not Formatted"); format = MessageBox(scsi->hDlg,szBuffer,"Info",MB_OK); format_msb = scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[4]; format_high = scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[5]; format_low = scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[6]; format_lsb = scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[7]; if(format == IDOK) { scsi->packet[0]->FormatType = 0X11; scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[0] = 0; scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[1] = 0; scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[2] = 0; scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[3] = 8; scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[4] = format_msb; scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[5] = format_high; scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[6] = format_low; scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[7] = format_lsb; scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[8] = 0X98;//0X26 << 2 scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[9] = 0; scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[10] = 0; scsi->sptwb.Data_Returned[11] = 0; if(!scsi->FormatDisc(scsi->packet[0])) return 0; } } Sleep(1000);

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