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  1. Thanks for your reply. One other question. Is there a way using imgburn to deprotect a write protected disc? I thought I try to refortmat this one disc and see if that helps but windows is telling me that is write protected.
  2. I have two Maxwell DVD+RW discs which I have been using to burn my video projects. I have been able to erase the data on one of these discs but have been unsuccessful with the other. The Erase Disc gave me this message: Cannot Read Medium - Incompatible Format. The Smart Erase is giving me the error message attached. The strange thing is that I can still see the video on the disc using my dvd player. Just as I could on the one the other one before it erased. Any ideas?
  3. I just downloaded IMGBURN specifically to erase some DVD RW discs. I read somewhere that the option to erase is under TOOLS and DRIVE... Well, DRIVE is grayed out. What to do? Do you think I downloaded the wrong program?
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