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  1. chainastole

    .flac, .cue audio burn to CD

    Thanks for answer. But when I select .cue file for "write image file to disk" the following alert appears: ConnectFilters(Source, Sample Grabber) Failed File name: ..... Reason: No combination of intermidiate filters could be found to make the connection. Hint: You may need to install some additional DirectShow filters ....
  2. chainastole

    .flac, .cue audio burn to CD

    Hello, I have an audio saved in electronic format with 2 files with extensions .flac and .cue. How can I produce an audio CD disk from that with the help of ImgBurn? I tried both to just burn two files to disk and to firstly generate .iso image of these 2 files and then burn it to CD. Both methods didn't work. The burnt CD can be played on computer but is not read by audio player.

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