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  1. Well,


    So I flashed the original firmware and tried again. Yet again, no succes. It seems like the drive is really disfunctioning. Hopefully it's not just a stupid setting I'm messing up.


    Can someone tell me the default settings for the IHAS 124B (Smartburn etc), because there is still something I want to try: burning the media with the exact same settings as I used for burning the very first (functional) disc.


    Thanks in advance!

  2. Thanks again for your reply.

    I'm going to buy a new box of Verbatims tomorrow (MKM-003 Singapore, 10pcs for €25,-.....). Hopefully that will fix the problem, but to be honest I don't think the Verbatims are the problem. I never had one failed Verbatim over here. This all started out with the Lite-On IHAS 124B.


    But it seems those 8.7gb are really needed for some games. So I'm going to test another batch tomorrow. I'll post the results as soon as I'm finished.

    After that I'm going to reflash my original firmware (thanks for the tip, I made a backup which I forgot ;)). I still got 4 Verbatim's left at the moment. Is it usefull to try and burn a truncated disc with the original firmware? Just to test if the drive is really no good?

    Again, thanks for all your time and effort.





  3. Thanks very much for your reply!


    But d*mn. I just got this drive last monday. It's just a week old.


    Probably difficult to talk about warranty etc. with the burner max fw. So if I'm not mistaking the only thing I can do is try a different spindle Verbatims, eventhough I got the best available or buy a new drive? Darn... This was not what I expected when buying the IHAS 124b.


    Still, thanks a lot for the effort! Great service from you guys!

  4. I tried burning with writing speed 8x, but the same problem occurs.

    Still, what I find weird is that my first burn was completed succesfully with the default ImgBurn settings (except the changes described in the attached tutorial (peform OPC before write and verify against image file).

    How come that burn was succesful (not the best quality according to Kprobe) and the next, while using the same settings, was not? Or was it just a lucky burn??

    Hopefully you guys can help me out, because this is pretty much driving me crazy haha. 


    Thanks in advance!





    iXtreme Burner Max Tutorial.pdf

  5. Good afternoon,


    I came to the point where I destroyed like 10 - 15 Verbatim MKM-003's (Singapore) while burning some Xbox360 xgd3 copy's and thought this would be a good moment to go ask for help :)

    I recently bought a Lite-On IHAS 124B and flashed it with Burnermax. The first disc I burned was completed and verified but still seems to be a bad burn (K Probe). Nonetheless, the copy of the game seemed to work. There was a part in the game where it crashed though (unreadable disc). So I thought I could burn a new copy of the image for better burn quality. Well, I thought wrong. 

    Every disc I try to burn comes with the following problem:



    Failed to Read Sectors 2119840 - 2119871 - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error

    I tried nummerous of settings (even the settings from the Team Xecuter forum) with no results. As I'm not a real hero with this stuff, maybe the pro's can give me a helping hand to get me going!

    Hopefully you guys can help me out, because (like we say in Dutch ) I can't see the forest through the trees anymore :P.
    Thank you very much in advance!



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