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    Reserving track hang

    Sorry, I should have also indicated that I did try Safe Mode also to no avail. What doesn't make logical sense is that it will burn a 50 GB rewriteable every time without fail yet no matter what I do it won't burn a normal 50 GB disc. It can't be a problem with the burner because Nero will burn a normal 50 GB without a problem.
  2. outofwork

    Reserving track hang

    ImgBurn has worked flawlessly for a long time until yesterday. When trying to burn a Blu-ray (not a rewriteable) disc the program hangs forever (?) on "Reserving track..." displayed at the bottom of the window. The strange thing is that it will work every time if I burn a rewriteable disc. The same exact data is being used. I have uninstalled ImgBurn, downloaded it from your web site and reinstalled it to no avail. I have tried using different blank discs which are Verbatim to no avail. I am using the very latest version of ImgBurn. I also uninstalled Windows 7 update KB3001554 that one poster recommended that resolved this problem for them to no avail. When ImgBurn hangs it requires a power-on reset to be able to use the Blu-ray burner for another program. Other Blu-ray burning programs work just fine. My system is a Windows 7 SP1 based Intel i7 4770K with 32 gigabytes of memory. ImgBurn Reserving Track problem 04-14-15.txt
  3. Is there currently any known way to easily change the region code of a Blu-ray disc or make it region free much like what IfoEdit can do for a DVD disc? Thanks, outofwork

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