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  1. Well I tried your suggesstion to no avail, or so I thought. When I opened the appl under 'Safe Mode' and then hit the minimize button I got what I thought was the same result of icon disappears in the taskbar, but the program is still active in 'Task Manager'!? So I rebooted into my normal win7 64-bit standard mode and read this messaage. This time I see where you mention something about the 'System Tray' and as first look the icon was no where to be found. But when I opened the 'System Tray context menu' low and behold there was the ImgBurn icon sitting smuggly amoungs the other icons on my system, yet the task bar at the bottom of left portion of my screen had removed the icon!? What I didn't realize was that the installer had placed the appl., icon in the system tray, but did not show it until I customized the 'System Tray'. Sorry for the confusion. I did have on additional problem, when we first started to talk about this disappearing icon, and that occurred last nite. It concerns multipule occurrences of the application as noted in the attached zip file. Take a look see and tell me what you think. An as for the Galaxy smartphone, it appears to have some outstanding issues of its own, so don't worry about it at this time. Again sorry for the time spen on this issu. . . \TomJ ImgBurn 05302013 Images of Toms desktop.zip
  2. Hey thanks for the quick response. Can you think of a way to set a trace or dump that could pinpoint the occurrence of these two strange events? I always start the appl., from the desktop icon, so anything else calling this application would have to be within. I am currently running this on Win 7 - 64Bit w/8gb memory and an abundance of HDD space. While responding to this thread I am also getting real strange exception errors from my Samsung Gallaxy S3 smartphone as a USB device? I also have several USB sticks attached to my system, but ImgBurn is not requesting anything from these devices!? I've never seen this happen on any other application on my system prior to ImgBurn installation. I will attach an image of what I'm viewing at this time. I have also included the ImgBurn.Log file from this currently running appl that I saved. Image Burn Stuff.zip
  3. Among some of the othere problems I found in this version of ImgBurn, this closing of the entire application kind of suprisesd me. I can't seem to find any other error of this nature throughout the forum so I presume I must be the first. Another issue I ran accross when I had to close out the writing of the applicaion because appl. could not switch to the next DVD disc I had mounted and failed trying to write past the end of the disk: "Error: Retry Failed - Reason: Logical Block Address out of Range". This error is curious because I was under the impression that ImgBurn could span multipul discs when burning .ISO files. On another related issue when I answered 'yes' to the message: ** Would you still like met to 'Close Track/Session/Disc' functions, even though the write operation appears to have failed **' the captured log was not saved as part of the closing process, so the Log File that contains information from this run is missing important information related to this exception run. If someone could give answer to these questions I would be greatly appreciative . . . TomJ
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