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  1. Walt Gray

    Writing to DL disc

    I have a video file of about 5 GB that I'm trying to write to a MEMOREX DVD+R disc with a capacity of 8.5 GB. The video hangs up near the end. My guess is that it's not changing layers properly. I just downloaded version of Imgburn. It provides various options under LAYER BREAK. Should any of these be checked? What other things do I need to pay attention to? Is the MEMOREX brand of DL disc OK? Or, do I need a better quality disc?
  2. Walt Gray

    Burn image file

    Well, the m2ts file does contain the movie that I want to burn to a DVD. How do I use ImgBurn to do it?
  3. Walt Gray

    Burn image file

    I have created an image file of a movie using Pinnacle Studio 20. I would like to use ImgBurn to burn that file to a DVD. Can't seem to make it work. The image file I'm trying to burn has the extension .m2ts.
  4. Walt Gray

    File Conversion

    Can ImgBurn be used to convert a DVD to mp4 format?
  5. Walt Gray

    Disc to Image File

    How do I change the default destination file? I can select the destination file I want, but it won't stay changed when I want to read the next disc.
  6. Walt Gray

    Burn Cue File to memory card.

    How do I burn a Cue File to a memory card in MP3 format?
  7. Walt Gray

    Song Titles

    I know I sound like a dummy. That's because I am. I thought there was CD Text on the disc because when it was read back into ImgBurn the song titles were listed. I assumed that ImgBurn was reading CD Text. Is that not true? But, obviously, the car CD player doesn't see it. Also, the disc apparently contains no Gracenote data because the Gracenote Media Database menu item is shown in gray and cannot be selected when that particular disc is playing. And I doubt that updating Gracenote would help because the songs I'm recording have been around for years. Maybe I'm just spinning my wheels and there's no way to get there from here. But, I just keep thinking that there must be a way if I just knew the right trick.
  8. Walt Gray

    Song Titles

    I'm getting confused. The car CD player reads song titles on a commercial CD. So, obviously, the information is on the disc somehow. Would it somehow be possible for me to put song titles on the disc I make in the same way? I don't understand Gracenote. Is this something that could possibly help? Does it happen automatically, or do I have to do something to get it to work?
  9. Walt Gray

    Song Titles

    Great! I didn't know about rightclick to save the file. Thanks. But, I can't see how this helps me. Let me reiterate the problem. I have an audio file with 14 tracks prepared using Audacity. Each of the 14 tracks is given a song title, again using Audacity. This file was then burned to a CD using ImgBurn. When this CD is read using ImgBurn, the song titles are listed. Obviously, ImgBurn recognizes the song titles. But, my car CD player does not. Interestingly, my car CD player does recognize song titles on a commercial CD. So, I wonder if there is something I can do different to place the song titles on the CD so that the car player will recognize them. For example, can ImgBurn be used to add the song titles in a manner that the car player would recognize them?
  10. Walt Gray

    Song Titles

    For some reason I cannot get this link to open up. I keep getting the message that the internet has stopped working although it works for everything else. I'm going to be gone for a couple days. I'll try again when I get back. Maybe I can call my internet provider for help. Or, would it be possible for you to copy pages 154 - 167 and attach them to your reply?
  11. Walt Gray

    Song Titles

    The CD player in this car is a Harman Kardon Logic 7 Surround System. You also mentioned something about CDDB, but I have no idea what to do with this.
  12. Walt Gray

    Song Titles

    Like I said, the manual for this car is damn near worthless. It doesn't even have a section on specifications. I think it might be possible to get this information from the Mercedes "help system", but they are not available on week ends. I'll check on Monday and get back to you.
  13. Walt Gray

    Song Titles

    The car is a 2013 Mercedes. It has a navigation system but I don't know that it connects to the CD player. I have no iPhone/smartphone. I have no idea whether the player can connect to an online CDDB. You see, I'm an old geezer who's not very much into all this new technology. By knowing the make of the car, you might be answer some of your questions than I can. The car manual is damn near worthless.
  14. Walt Gray

    Song Titles

    It's obvious that there's something different between the commercial CD and the one I make from scratch. The car CD player reads the song titles on the commercial CD, but ImgBurn doesn't. And, ImgBurn reads song titles on the scratch CD but the car player doesn't. Is there some way that we can learn what that difference is? And, perhaps, use this information to change something that will allow my car's player to read song titles from my scratch CD?
  15. Walt Gray

    Song Titles

    It seems strange to me that the car's CD player would read song titles from a commercial CD yet ImgBurn doesn't. Is there any way you can tell what format the commercial CD uses?

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