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  1. silentwun

    i/o error

    I installed fresh OS and the SIL3512 card. So far so good. Two consecutive burns back to back. Thank you.
  2. silentwun

    i/o error

    My pc doesn't have an onboard controller for sata. So I had to use a pci card. Should I purchase a better card or a new pc is in order?
  3. silentwun

    i/o error

    via vt6421
  4. silentwun

    i/o error

    Hi. I cannot burn single or dual layer dvds. I haven't tried cds yet. On dual layers it won't go pass 20% while burning. Single layer disc have errors at the beginning. Tried different drives to see if I had a bad drive but the problems are the same. ImgBurn.log
  5. silentwun

    I/O error ihas424

    Received a new batch of discs. Upgraded firmware of dvd drive and uninstall and reinstall the storage controller drivers. The previous disc were mkm001. The ones I have now are mkm003. Copied settings from last good burn. ihas424 GL1B Opc=on burnproof=off Force HT: Yes, Online HT: No, OverSpeed: Yes, SmartBurn: Yes write speed=4x Only burned one disc but it seems good to go so far. I hope.
  6. silentwun

    I/O error ihas424

    Hello. My burns are inconsistent. First time trying i was getting bogus driver error and blue screen. Burned two successful out of 15 coasters. Now I'm getting i/o errors immediating when to burn process starts. ImgBurn.log

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