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    Why the malware?

    I would ask if you know the difference between a mis-click and clicking away but your american and are always trigger happy so that will not work, but in laymen's terms for your small mind i read every page and then accidentally clicked on one not seeing what it said this is a mis-click. As for the millions of downloads you have mentioned in two threads now, the majority of them were before the malware installs, im betting the download rate has actually slowed down since the malware has appeared but this is something that the admin is not bothered about as long as he gets some money from opencandy the company that he claims is the cultprit of the malware but says is not his fault even though he approved them (he's obviously not too smart). Now i'll leave these forums because its pointless arguing with an admin that does not care about anything other than money from a malware installing company and an idiotic american who still dresses up in his mothers underwear, yes i found the pictures on the net they were not hidden well try again.
  2. WhyTheMalware

    Why the malware?

    Sorry to say but you chose opencandy and its offers so the buck lands with you not them, even your installer is marked as malware because of opencandy so you are the one responsible for not fully investingating the company you chose. Anyway i un-installed the malware and your application i just wanted to see what your response was and it was "its not me! its them!" you may close thise im using alternative software and will stay away from imgburn in future.
  3. WhyTheMalware

    Why the malware?

    I know this post will get locked and unanswered but i thought i would give you a chance to explain to me and others that have this issue why we have to deal with malware? I accidently mis-clicked on a next tab which resulted in the Delta Search Bar being installed and now im in the process of removing it and re-adding all my chrome extensions because of this. I also need to do a full malware scan with malwarebytes now because of this which i dont think is fair to your users do you? So why do you have software that installs malware? Where did i download from? Oh YOUR site! Mirror 7 - Provided by ImgBurn (Currently hosting v2.5.8.0) All i want is an explenation on why you let such horrible software be installed on users computers, i also got something called tuneup utilities all from a mis-click. For others that get this "crap" here is the removal instructions Thanks LighteningUK for the malware! http://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-delta-search/ ______________ After reading some other posts i can see my post will defiantly be locked followed by basically a response of you dont care that you install malware on peoples machines. I guess i should always scan applications before running them even if i did "once" trust there application. Its sad to see a good program being used for bad things but i guess there is nothing you cna do when the dev dont care, oh well...

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