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  1. Thanks, no bug! What threw me was that with one path, without a file name attached, listed in the `non-advanced' source window, that path and all associated files appeared in the iso image (that is, the mounted CD). So that seemed to be the `simple' way to do it - except when a second path was introduced.
  2. The advanced tab does not seem to help. I have V2.5.7. A screen sot is attached. What I thought should happen is files explicitly mentioned (eg Setup.exe) would appear in the root folder of the CD image whereas the mention of a folder only, would load all the files in the folder, including the path. There are two folders: Discmaps\syd15\mapphoto and Discmaps\mel40\mapphoto. If I delete one, the iso is created without an error message, then mounting it as a CD does seem to display what I was expecting, with a full path for the folder.
  3. They are in different folders: a folder | --------- | | x y folder | | b b folder : : file c c file : : file
  4. One may require all the files in the paths a/x/b and a/y/b to be copied to a .iso file. However if there is a common file name, ImgBurn appears to issue an error message and stops. eg for file name c, a/x/b/c and a/y/b/c seems to result in an ImgBurn failure.
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