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  1. GodGibson

    Reason: Cannot Write Medium - Incompatible Format

    Its weird though because one of the drivers works perfect on the Marvell controllers I've got two of the same drives. Plextor - One works , one doesn't. Im beginning to think the drive just has a fault as the Blu-ray drive and one Plextor drive works perfect. Other one is bad.
  2. GodGibson

    Reason: Cannot Write Medium - Incompatible Format

    3rd party drivers like a Marvel Sata controller? My motherboard has 6 Sata ports most of them are in use Harddrive and Blu-ray player use Intel's driver while the Plextor use the Marvel Drivers. Have also uninstalled the drivers which IDE /ATA controllers so they have refreshed hopefully this works. Its weird the drive works fine sometimes and other times it just has countless issues. Driver got to about 12% and the error happened again. ruining all my discs.
  3. I've being having a problem with my drives that I have just purchased one of them works perfectly while the other one keeps failing with this error. I've updated them both to the latest firmware and tried different discs. Sometimes they both work perfectly but then one of the new drives always comes up with this error. I've burned with other writing software and not had a problem with it so just wondering what's going on as imgburn is my favourite. Weird PX-891SA 1.06 (F:) drive works perfectly on all discs and does not error out once. But PX-891SA 1.06 (D:) errors out all the time like this like above. Hopefully you could give me a hand in resolving this problem as I've just bought them both.

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