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    Burn ccd, img and sub files???

    I have a folder with three files: ccd, img and sub. I am going to burn them with imgburn, but I can't. It writes in cd only the ccd file. I run it, and I choose.the choice: "Write image file to disc". In source - please select a file I go to the folder and I can see only ccd and img, not sub file. I choose ccd. And write speed 1x. And imgburn is burnung the cd. I choose eject tray and I am waiting. When complete reaches 100% (and buffer and device buffer 0%) then it shows All attempts to automatically close the drive tray have failesd... and it ejects cd... So I insert it again and I press ok. It begin again to burn. And when it finishes, it says that completed. So, it has not burned all the files but just the files of ccd. It is a navi program for a car. The cd rom of it does not read the cd. Any help? Thank you.

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