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  1. Thanks for the help. Still have the issue. All other disk run when they are inserted into the drive. This new disk is read but the autoplay does not appear. I get a screen with directory. The disk files are listed under a title "Files Currently on the Disc" and a single file "desktop.ini" is listed under "Files Ready to Be Written to the Disc". When I click on the "Files Currently on the Disc" a get a dropdown menu where I select "install" and the autorun.inf files is activated. Not quite sure why the disk does not work. It almost seems to still open for writing (not sure that is an issue). As far as other apps for burning, only Windows Explorer and Windows Media Player are capable of writing to DVD/CDs. I tried a new autorun.inf file with the following lines: [autorun] OPEN=SETUP.EXE ICON=AuditTracking.ico All the files are located in the root directory of the disc. Again thanks for all the inputs. Rod
  2. The icon is a gear on a page. I have tried using several image burning apps including ImgBurn, all with the same issue. I reverified the autoplay options in control panel. Tried to attach image but the post would not accept images. The file structure is: Audit Tracking Manual Install File folder Files File folder Source File folder autorun.inf Setup Information setup.exe Application This issue really has me stumped. Hope you can see the problem. Rod
  3. I have Autorun enabled. I have tried the install on several computers with the same result. Here is the autorun.inf file: [autorun] OPEN=SETUP.EXE /AUTORUN ICON=SETUP.EXE,1 Do not see any issues with the file. I did read that the autorun.inf had to be in the root directory of the DVD. I used Windows Explorer to write the files. Windows 8.1 Is there something else that would be better. Rod
  4. I have create a database application that I want to share. To share I would like to create an install disk. Each time I copy the files to DVD I never get it to autorun. Several files are created. One file is autorun.inf however it never appears to run. I have read that it mus be in the root directory of the DVD. Have not been able to figure out how to accomplish the task. Any suggestions. Rod
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