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  1. salgambino Windows 7 Crash/Dump

    It takes about 30 seconds for the DMP file to appear. I brought u[p Task Manager to watch it. When I terminate Imgburn, it immediately is removed from the Application Tab. But when I watch it in the Process Tab, the EXE hangs around until the DMP file appears, then is removed from the Process list.
  2. salgambino Windows 7 Crash/Dump

    Minor bug, but thought you should know. 1) Start Imgburn 2) Click Help/About menu item 3) In the "About" pop-up window, click "OK" or "X"-out 4) Immediately terminate Imgburn Within a minute or two, a *.dmp file appears in my User Profile "CrashDump" folder. Can't attach files as they are too big. ImgBurn.exe.4448.dmp and ImgBurn.exe.5008.dmp both 13,476 KB each

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