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  1. Greetings. Two months ago I bought a blu-ray burner and I chose ImgBurn as my old software didn't support BR (and honestly I was tired of it). I'm absolutely impressed by the power, flexibility and reliability of this program so my kudos to the ImgBurn makers. I only donate when I'm not broke but I'll be sure to do a modest donation here because this project is awesome. Enough a.k. complimenting. Here's the suggestion (well, a polite request smartly disguised as suggestion): When recording files or folders to disc, in the disc project editor, please add a column which calculates the total path+filename length in characters so it shows there as another attribute/property of the file being burned. That's it, this column only needs to be at the bottom part of the editor. This way we wouldn't need to close/open it continously to see if all files are of the right length. Regards, Juan.

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