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  1. Hi there, first and foremost i want to thank you for providing ImgBurn for so long for free. I am a software developer myself and can understand that time is money and this software propably took a loot of your time throughout the years. But bundling your software with this addware installer just left a bitter taste in my mouth. I was reinstalling a laptop from a friend from scratch and always recommended ImgBurn because its simple to use yet powerfull software. Now that i found this new feature of your installer where i can not skipt to not install some random addware this might change. I know i have no right to complain because i am recieving this basically for free. This is just food for thought A disappointed ImgBurn user, Balkoth
  2. Balkoth

    Provide a clean installer

    If i could opt out i would not have written my original post. The option to not install the additional software was grayed out.

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