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  1. Hi, I Also installed Image burn only to have 'tuneup utilities' aggresively install & take over my computer, I thought i managed to remove it but every couple of days it would re-install itself. The only way I managed to remove 'tuneup utilities' for good was to remove all files & folders from .. c:\programs c:\programs data c:\users\pickled78\appdata\local c:\users\pickled78\appdata\roaming Then i HAD to remove a load of registry key entries that tune up had embedded to ensurte its survival and repeated installations on my system. I have attatched Notepad with all the registry keys i had to delete, TuneUp Utilities REG keys to be deleted.txt So if you go through my list and delete the same reg keys from your infected computer then all should be good and well. fell free to copy and pass around my notepad entries to others infected TuneUp Utilities REG keys to be deleted.txt

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