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    Disappointed User...(malware issue)

    Hi, Thanks for the prompt response. 2.5.7 : Yes - I note the ASK toolbar - but that is easy to decline - The licence is bundled in the IMgburn licence at the beginning, so no worrying concerns there... 2.5.8: Yes I appreciate the Opt Out Offerings. However they are not sufficent, simply because of the licence aggreement at the beginning - that to me signals all sorts of warning bells - I am simply not prepared to take the risk. Especially so, where this 'appears' to be backed-up by a significant number of 'unhappy' customers, the majority of which have been caught out by additional offers presented by the bundled ad-ware. It would not be obvious to many to try to extract the ImgBurn.exe from the download zip. Most people are simply not interested in the complexities of that. All they want is to get at the download for (& I keep saying it, because it is) your excellent product. Don't get me wrong I fully support the need for you to get recompense for your efforts - for what is an excellent product (BTW I also have the full NERO package on one machine and much prefer your product!). And I would have been happy to contribute. But with the setup the way it is I will continue with 2.5.7 until such time as it no longer fulfils my needs and then I will re-assess. I will check Imgburn out again, but if the same or similar situation is apparant - I will go elsewhere... Sorry - I know that frustrates you, but that is the way it is...the risk is simply too high! And it also saddens me too. As an asside it is almost impossible to determine valid download links from some of the download providers. They do everything to try and get you to hit a download button for something else that you don't actually want. Even majorgeeks! This is not your problem as you offer your own download site, which is very clear. Regards, Dave
  2. Hi, I have been a long term user of IMGBURN, up until v2.5.7 and indeed I even donated as I was impressed by the product and the glowing recommendations bestowed open it. I was expecting to do likewise for v2.5.8... However, when I tried to upgrade to v2.5.8 I got pointed at many sources, including the imgburn only site. I tried several of the sites and the download was 'disinfected' (their term not mine) by my AVG software. The one from imgburn itself didn't, so I thought I was in luck... But when I tried to install I got all the additional licencing 'bumf' for the advertising platform software, as well as imgburn. I simply do not want that as I have in inherent mistrust, because it took to 2 full days of effort to remove the majority of an accidental (not reading the licencing stuff) install of Conduit, (from another freeware/shareware download) which still plagues one of my laptops, for which I am going to have to do a bare metal restore. So - going forward IMGBURN has lost another customer, for all the wrong reasons. But I will continue to use the earlier version that I have as the imgburn software itself I very good. All I can say is please listen to your customers, virtually everyone that bothers to raise an issue/complaint here has taken valuable time from their day to do so, because they like your product. But now, mainly for reasons associated with the additional packages added to the downloads, not any problem with imgburn itself, they no longer wish to use your product, there is a strong message there... Rant over and back to using the old 2.5.7 version, (I make a habit of retaining original downloads of all the useful software that I use) without the additional unwanted & unwelcome add-ons... Dave NB: I would have updated an existing thread, but it would appear you cannot update existing threads even as a member - so apologies for that - I did try.

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