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  1. Yes you can. Guess what happens when you untick both those boxes. Yay, you just opted out.





    Thanks for you sarcasm. First Read what the message says and then reply:

    Custom Installation: Install the linkey browser add-on for free and:



    The other checkboxes are for changing your homepage and search engine. Meaning no matter what you choose Linkey WILL BE INSTALLED. So you can only save your homepage from being changed. None of the options state that you will be free from the actual add-on (spyware). That's  Genius. I'm not the first one to complain. Check the installer for yourselves.


    Right now the only way to install this without getting infected is to use Eset Antivirus and let it clean the Open Candy dll that's responsible for this.

  2. I just downloaded  IMGBurn for a new computer and found out I can't opt out of a Recommended Software by Open Candy. I'm attaching an image below. Instead of resorting to spyware you should consider selling the software instead. I'm sure many people would buy it since it's the only one in it's class.


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