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  1. ldrancer

    overburn or truncate an iso

    oh well i found it. truncate, writes, as much as it can. overburn writes until th eend of the .. image. the reason iwas doing this is i didnt want to tear up my dvd burner. how can it keep from tearing it up, going past the end of the disc? and why not stop before. i dont know i dont get it.
  2. ldrancer

    overburn or truncate an iso

    what the hell are the difference between overburn and truncate? where can i find this information? does imgburn havea readme? every time i search if its here or a search engine, all i get are xbox copies i want to know what it does to an iso and on disc.
  3. ldrancer

    overburn or truncate an iso

    hi. i have a HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH14NS40 1.03 drive. first burn with it. ive read overburn can tear up your dvd burner. i dont want to do that, on the first burn with this drive. well ive overburned before. so much so on a cd, that it was writing the lead out, and about a 1/20th of the way thru, it errored, and still played. it was an svcd. it worked fine, and read. thing is, i just got this drive. i know that old drive i had, was a good one. this one, ive just got it, anddont know much about question. im trying to burn a dvd dl disc. the size reported by windows, with my mouse held over the iso, is 7.99 gigs. ive read dl handle 7.97 gigs. ive tried and tried to recompress files down to smaller sizes to save space. i have freed up some, but, i think this is about as far as i can get it. anyway, should i overburn? and when i click burn, it says, overburn, or truncate? i dont know what, that one, means. truncate. i just want to be able to read this, autoplay dvd later on my computer again. tx

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