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  1. That's correct I want to play the Blu-Ray disc in a Blu-Ray player and I do want to combine 3 video files onto one Blu-Ray disc ! Would it be possible if I burn the 3 video files to 3 separate Blu-Ray RE discs and then use IMGBURN to burn to one Blu-Ray disc. I have kept the 3 separate video projects on my hard drive, maybe I could use my Adobe Premiere Elements to burn the 3 projects onto 3 separate Blu-Ray RE discs, then could I use IMGBURN to burn to just one Blu-Ray disc. Would that be possible? If so would you please advise. Regards.
  2. Hi Forum I am a new member and would like some HELP please. My mission is to create just one Blu Ray disc from three separate DVD videos from a recent holiday. I am unable to put all 3 videos on to one DVD disc there is not enough space, so I am trying to put 3 video films onto one Blu Ray disc. Is it possible with IMGBURN and if so how do I do It. t?? Kind Regards.
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