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  1. I'm not one to question how program works, many programs use a ini file for reading settings, instead of using registry. I though this was one half-way there approach to that. Yes that's what happens, I load the ini and after close ImgBurns settings are not saved. Which leads me to think on the meaning of this load/dump setting files thing, I wondered if I was doing something wrong since it's a ver strange behavior. I'm gonna try to rename it to ImgBurn.ini to see if it works. edit: yes that worked.
  2. No, closing ImgBurn didn't store the ini settings into reg either, I think they are volatile in the right sense, I don't know, maybe LIGHTNING UK! could explain that better. Thanks for help.
  3. Thank you. I was worried that would also save ImgBurn install specific settings not related over a format. Thanks for help. btw, is it possible to convert a settings.ini file to reg? I tried to capture reg while loading the settings but that didn't do the trick.
  4. I'm not sure how ImgBurn works, all I want is to have a file with the settings and be able to load them and make them permanent. As I understand this method is not for that by design? do I need to backup registry?
  5. I have a fallback template settings file that I can revert to after I touched too much or simply to use after a reformat. As per documentation I use this line: imgburn.exe /SETTINGS SettingsImgBurn.ini This is both to dump settings to file, or if the file is present, to load them. Problem is, after I close ImgBurn, these settings are lost, so in the end I have to do everything by hand. Am I missing something? Also a bit offtopic but do you recommend turning on OPC for blurays? I use a Pioneer BDR207 writer with Panasonic discs.
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