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  1. That is the info for the 2010 model. My 2012 is the new body style with a different radio. But I did dig out my manual and looked up what it will display and it lists CD-TEXT compatible. The only thing that they don't explain is where they get that information from. Interestingly, they do say that the CD Player will read standard MP3 or WAV files burnt to a CD and display the title, song and artist. They don't specificly say they are getting it from the MP3 tag information, but I don't know where else they would get it from. I may just burn a few MP3 files on a CD-R and see if it does display everything including the album art I have included there. I do know that if I put songs on a flash drive and plug it in, it will read the MP3 files and display the information contained in there correctly. So burning the MP3 songs to a CD-R might work but it's not very useful. It won't work in a standard CD player and a flash drive will hold a whole lot more songs on a smaller device.
  2. I also believe it is the implementation. Not sure if I can blame Toyota because I don't think that they build their own radios. I'm sure it is a third party supplier. Maybe they could even supply a firmware update if they knew that there was a problem. As I said, I'm going to try it in my son's Ford and maybe another friend if they have a display model. A bit of a funny story. Yesterday I was sitting here trying to think of a way I could verify if it was the car or me. So, I said to myself, "self, why not put it in my Samsumg Smart blu-ray disk player." It's pretty new and connected to the internet, etc. Well, what do you know. Samsung hasn't even implemented the CD-TEXT read capability. All I see on the TV is the track numbers. So I try it in my computer with my video/audio players. Microsoft's Media Player couldn't even display it. Only my favorite, VLC, displayed the song and artist correctly. It doesn't display the album title, but that's ok. If I look under the codex information it does show the album name. The only thing I couldn't pull out of it was the generic album performer which I have set at Various Artists.
  3. I should have mentioned that I'm going to try one of my CDs in a friends car this weekend to see if it acts the same. I know that there is a workaround. That is to put the "song - artist" in the individual song TITLE field but that is kind of hookey. Question about the field at the bottom of the 'Create CUE file' page. I'm talking about the one marked 'Default CD-Text (Disc/Track)'. I have them both set to 'Tag'. I assumed that it didn't really matter what I chose as long as I go into the .cue file and edit it to say whatever I want it to say. I've never read the Red Book standard on CD-Text info but if they set the standards, it's too bad they chose to use the term TITLE for both the album and the individual song fields and PERFORMER for both the album performer field and the song performer field. Had they been different, it seems manufacturers would have had an easier time of setting up their firmware.
  4. "What happens if you remove the top level 'PERFORMER' one? Does your player then use the individual track level ones?" I did try to leave just the quote marks but nothing between them. The player reverts back to only displaying Track 1, etc., not even the album title or song title. "Given that the player seems to display the same thing for each track, it sounds like the player is just filling in dummy data because it's got nothing to actually display for itself." It does display the ALBUM field and the SONG (TITLE) but it will not display the correct PERFORMER associated with the individual song. It defaults to the PERFORMER listed on line 2 of the .cue file. Since most of these CDs are mixes of various artists, I put "Various Artists" in the PERFORMER on line 2 and that is what is displayed on my car player screen. I have a 2012 Toyota Camry with the Nav system. Not sure of the manufacturer.
  5. I have tried to burn several CDs using a .cue file. The process works fine, but I can't get the file (or the CD) to work as I expect. The second line in the .cue file is titled PERFORMER and then there is a line under each track labeled PERFORMER. When creating mix CDs with different artists for each song, I want the song title and artist to show up on my car system. But no matter what I do, the PERFORMER I put in line 2 is used for every song. I tried to use 'various artists', but that is what shows up. I know the .cue file is right. Am I doing something wrong or is it just my car stereo not being able to read the individual artists? BTW, the name I put in the TITLE line (usually the ablum name) works find and each individual song TITLE works fine too. It is just the PERFORMER that doesn't work the way I expect it to. Any suggestions?
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