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    Mystery solved. The original Windows DVD has a hairline crack at the hub. Sometimes it will boot and sometimes it won't. All the copies I made are bad due to this. Guess I need to see if I can get a replacement or an ISO file. Thanks!
  2. GaryS


    I cannot seem to create a bootable DVD. I used ImgBurn to create an ISO file from a Win 7 Pro X64 OEM disk. Then as a test, I tried to burn it back to a new DVD. I used a boot image file created from this machine, which is the exact same version of Win 7. I also tried creating a boot image file from the original Microsoft DVD. Although examination shows all the same files, the copies will not boot. I'm doing this so that I can eventually patch the installation files with a Microsoft Hotfix and some Intel USB drivers. I'm probably missing something obvious, but I can seem to pin this down. Thanks! ImgBurn.log
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