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  1. Hello everyone ! Thank you so much for your response! I'll test your council this afternoon. I noticed that the problem is due to a long transcoding video (1:30 6GB) Another difficulty has to follow, I will test this is to manually transodage say transcoded one by one, to relieve during export. I did this with a slight 300MB video and no timing delay
  2. the problem is the same with a virtual drive : /
  3. voici la fenĂȘtre d'export d'Adobe Encore Cs6
  4. thank you for your answer, actually you are right after reading about a virtual drive, the problem comes not from burning So it just export Adobe Encore Cs6, but when I look previewing Blu Ray has no problem ... I gets crazy! lol may be that you know the proper technique for Adobe Encore export? I export in H.264 ISO formats BD-R thank you very much
  5. Thank you for your answer but, files video sources do not have a timing delay, nor adobe premiere CC or on Adobe Encore CS. all video sources are ok file may be you know a virtual blue ray player for previewing before burning?
  6. Hello, I have a very big problem, when I my grave ISO blu ray (BD-R 20GB) the sound of the video is completely shifted by several seconds. this ISO blu ray is created with Adobe Encore CS6. Videos do not have a problem of timing delay it is at the time of writing the sound that shifts, but why ??? Thanks for your help

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