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  1. I have just embarked on a massive archiving project using IMGBURN controlling a Vinpower RipBox to batch rip disc images (.iso files) from 10,000+ customer DVD and CD masters which fill 27 drawers here at VIDEOSyncracies onto a 40 terabyte hard drive RAID. Apparently, IMGBURN differentiates between DVDs depending on how they were made: a. computer authored single track DVDs b. computer authored multi-track DVDs c. DVD Recorder single track DVDs d. DVD Recorder multi-track DVDs. Using IMGBURN’s CREATE-IMAGE-FROM-DISC mode will BATCH rip types a., b. and c. so that if there are 2 or more of any of these in a row in the stack of 25 it will rip the first disc image and automatically rip the 2nd disc image and continue on forever untended as long as the discs are types a., b. or c. But when a type d (DVD Recorder made multi-track DVD which is any disc that is made from multiple videotapes, for example 4 half hour VHS-C tapes transferred to one 2-hour DVD) disc is inserted into the RipBox an error appears saying to switch to BUILD mode, then I have to manually click through a few screens YES, OK, RENAME, OK and then it will rip the disc image but then I must manually eject that disc, switch to CREATE IMAGE FILE FROM DISC mode and continue on, unless there are two type d DVDs in a row. This flaw with IMGBURN basically makes the RIP BOX useless, as there is no real way of knowing which and how many of these 10,000+ DVDs were multi-track DVD Recorder discs. It has taken days to rip less than 100 discs requiring a lot of babysitting and manual clicking, ejecting and reloading for that type of DVD. Vinpower sells their proprietary BPR2000LITE software and dongle for $250 which they claim will solve this problem but it seems to me that IMGBURN might be able to do it with some modification. Any of you forum readers know if there is a way that IMGBURN can be modified so that it will batch rip all types of DVDs? Thanks Paul G.

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