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  1. Hello, I found the settings for deletion of the partial files under event and set that to yes getting rid of one prompt (sorry didnĀ“t think to look under event). So far I still don't see a way to tell it to just abort right away if it sees an error.. I see that for autoloader errors, and I see the option to ignore read errors and continue, but I am looking for the opposite of that I guess. I need it to fail without prompting on 'any' errors. Is there a way to do that somewhere ? Dave
  2. Hello all, Fist off, it goes without saying that ImgBurn is a great tool. It has saved many a project for me by working with drives other software simply could not run. Thanks to everyone for this program (may it never die). I am currently working on a big batch job for a law library. I have a changer set up and am in the process of making ISO copies of a DVD library that includes data and video DVDs (unencrypted). I use command line parameters to handle the ripping, but some of the discs generate read errors due to their age. When this happens ImgBurn presents a dialog asking whether to cancel/Retry/ignore, and generally I cancel these for manual reprocessing afterwards. That prompt is then followed by another asking whether the incomplete file should be deleted. I am looking for a way to set a default for both so that it always cancels and always deletes (the naming of the ISO allows me to easily tell when this happens). I am using this command line: "C:\Program Files\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE READ /SRC %DR /DEST "D:\Video\%SL-%DP.ISO" /OVERWRITE YES /START /CLOSE (The %DR %SL %DP items are replaced with values before it executes.) Is there any way to make ImgBurn handle errors this way from the command line ? Dave

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