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    Buffalo external BDXL drive BRXL-16U3

    Anyone with experience of this drive? I have one; it works fine with 25GB and 50GB BR discs (R & RE). So I'm now trying a "Sony BD-RE XL 100GB" disc and .... well the drive does not seem to recognise it. Imgburn reports "device not ready, incompatible medium installed" and other software says "no disc". I understand that Buffalo use a Pioneer drive internally, whcih would explain why Windows (and ImgBurn) report: "Pioneer BD-RW BDR-209M 8.11 (USB)" It also seems to be the case that Buffalo have no firmware update(s) for this drive and that Pioneer (rightly) suggest not trying to install standard Pioneer firmware onto their OEM products. I'm open to suggestions !! thanks all.

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