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  1. luciano

    file .dvd missing

    hi well i burnt several dl for my 360 but i have to front a new problem : the file is image.000 but no file .dvd so how can i figure this out , help me please..
  2. luciano

    cannot set the layer break

    well i just ordered + r verbatim , ok guys this forum is great : in france nobody wanted to answer me : i hate frenchies..
  3. luciano

    cannot set the layer break

    hi i'm just new in this forum and i wanted to burn my image.dvd for my xbox 360 and i received this error message : "cannot set the layer break position when burning dvd-r dl media in dao mode " (i set the layer break to1913760 and everything looked fine) i tried to burn it anyway but the dvd is not recognized in my xbox so this is the fourth dvd wasted is anybody can help me please?

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