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  1. Cow, sheep, dog, whatever. I'm a city Dummie. They all got 4 legs, I think.
  2. Thank you, thank you. I'm the guy they write the "Dummies" books for. And they're too advanced! The program I used had the cow chewing while it copied the DVD. You got it all figured out. Maybe I can take it from there. I gotta get that cow back somehow. I think I lost her when VCD told me it could not open one of my iso files and I then re-downloaded it and it worked fine then. But then when I wanted to copy a DVD with the cow, she was gone - out to pasture, I guess.
  3. Thank you very much. Is ImgBurn descended from Virtual Clone Drive an any way? That is what I used to use, but it does not work, actually is not available to me, any more.
  4. If this has been asked many times, I'm sorry to repeat, and please point me to the answer. I used to be able to pick what chapters I wanted to make an iso copy from a DVD, and I would skip all the warnings and previews. I just used ImgBurn for the first time to make an iso from a DVD, and it worked OK, but I got the entire DVD and was not able to edit anything out as i would have liked. Is that possible, and if so please tell me how or link me to the proper instructions. Thanks.
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