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  1. It's a really nasty kind of protection. I wouldn't even call it protection anymore. It's more like them ruining or spoiling what I bought and this kind of deceit makes me not want to buy discs anymore. I remember reading about a rootkit that Sony put on their CDs or whatever it was... are you kidding? We can't trust these people. So when I buy my next dvd or bluray what am I secretly getting along with it? Who knows. I feel like I'm a victim now. I don't think I deserve to have an imperfect copy of my disc #1. They did this to me and it bothers me the more I think about it. 


    I guess there's always the possibly that leaving it in tact is better than partial or incorrect removal.


    For this reason + the hope of a future way to repair it back to a clean 1:1, I'm keeping my messed up ISO as well as my newly created AnyDVD folder rip of it.


  2. Well if you used AnyDVD back then, then you ignored the warning it gave you when you started the ISO ripper on the DVD. You're specifically told by AnyDVD NOT to do what you did, because of what would happen did. Unlike other protections SP cannot be removed on the fly. If you rip to ISO, the SP is copied along with it. It can only be removed when ripping correctly to folder structure, at which point AnyDVD flags the fake ones, and during ripping it only rips the real structure to hard disk. SP is nothing new. You can try to mount the ISO and use the AnyDVD 'rip video DVD to hard disk' option, but since protection is already removed I can't guarantee the folder ripper will be able to strip away the SP. If that's the case, you could try CloneDVD but no guarantees there either


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    Awesome, I think it's all sorted out now with your suggestion. I mounted the ISO and fired up AnyDVD which showed the SP detected. I ripped it to a folder and it seems to have stripped out the fake files. The folder came out the right size and has no duplicates. It plays fine in VLC as I can see the menu and select the episodes and all the extras. But with that being said, also the messed up ISO plays fine in VLC anyway.
    In the DVD folder that I ripped with AnyDVD I see the main VTS is now VTS_10 and I think on the original disc it was VTS_03 because my other DVDs from the set have it at VTS_03. However I can't check the damaged disc. Oh well, this is as good as it's gonna get. At least my backup wasn't totally lost even though it might not be a 1:1 perfect copy, it's still fine. BTW I never got any warnings from AnyDVD like you said simply because I never actually used the AnyDVD ripper. I just fire up AnyDVD in the background and then use imgburn most of the time or other ISO rippers. I never even look at AnyDVD, not even changing any settings. I just thought it always works in the background so that's my mistake.

    Yeah, I recommend always using AnyDVD to Rip to HD and then use the VIDEO_TS folder to create the DVD.  Of course, you do have to remember to check the root directory of the disc you're copying to make sure there aren't any extra files that might be part of the DVD in the root directory.  However, you won't have to worry about the ISO mode copying over the structural protection.


    Yeah now I'm in the process of backing up the rest of the discs all over again the right way this time. Plus also checking through my other backups because I wonder if I messed up with other ones too. But now I learned to rip to folders! That's what I'll be doing from now on. I never even knew about this difference between ISO's and folders. I'm just gonna keep my backups in the folder format.

  3. What solution are you hoping for? What are you actually trying to do?


    If you have an ISO, just burn it. Don't try and extract it.


    I should have been more clear. This is a DVD of a TV show that I backed up many years ago. I keep ISO backups on a hard drive of all my DVDs just in case. Then yesterday my original DVD got damaged and so I'm looking at my backup now for the first time in years and I find this fake files in the ISO. It's strange because I never saw it before. I used AnyDVD back then, but it was so long ago that I guess AnyDVD didn't handle the protection correctly at that time.


    So now I have this ISO which I guess is not a 1:1 perfect copy? What I want to accomplish is to somehow get it back to normal? Is it at all possible so fix this so I have a perfect copy? I don't even have a dvd burner anymore with my new computer. I'll have to see if I can get an external one. Should I burn it and then create a new ISO out of the burned copy? Would that fix it? I wonder. If I burn it, will it even be a perfect copy of the original? In the end I just want a perfect copy for backup.



    Welcome to the world of structural protection which create fake vts files, same type of mechanic as screenpass protection or ssif files. Nothing a proper decryption tool can't fix


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    Aha! So at least there is a name for it. Structural protection. It's so horrible that they do this. Do they expect the DVD I bought will last forever? We gotta have backups!


    So I'm hoping for a solution now to get this back to normal. My original disc is damaged and the only time I ever look at my backups is when I need them. And now when I need the backup I find this. I'd appreciate any advice if there is a way to repair it.

  4. Hello.


    I have the same exact problem as this guy had 6 year ago:




    In fact, while searching for a solution to this problem I found that topic which describes my problem exactly.


    I wanted to reply there but it says I'm not allowed to reply there. Probably because it's a 6 year old thread.


    Anyway, that problem was never resolved for him 6 years ago. But maybe in all this time there is a solution now?


    My ISO is around 7GB. But extracted it is about 80GB! The 1st set of VTS files seem to be correct but then there are like 10 duplicates shown listed as VTS_02 through about VTS_13


    What a strange problem. I hope there is a solution in this day and age. Thanks anyone!

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