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  1. We have around 4000 assorted blu-ray and DVD discs holding archived data. The discs are taking up physical space and as they age we're seeing increasing issues as they age when we need to try to get data from them. If we could rip each disc to an ISO file with the ISO using the name of the disc as the filename we can store the ISOs in our current archive system. Because of the number of discs I'm looking at some kind of auto loader and Nimbie look like the lowest cost option. Ideally I want to just load up 100 discs and come back a day later to find "ripped" and "problematic" in 2 different piles and possibly some kind of text log of what was done too. I'm interested in ImgBurn as some of these discs may be problematic and it looks like ImgBurn has more flexibility here than what comes with the Nimbie. Before I go spend $1000 on a Nimbie unit is there anything I need to know?

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