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  1. I just looked at the front of my WH14NS40, and it says M-disc. So it turns out that it does support it as well.
  2. I see. So more or less just a standard burn and verify from an ISO with no need for complex tests. That should be relatively easy. Have you ever bought protection plans for your burners? Newegg offers some and I was wondering if they are worthwhile.
  3. By tests, do you mean just attempting to burn the discs to see if they work, or something more detailed (like some sort of scan)? M-Disc sounds very promising, so the one that has it sounds like the better of the two.
  4. So, for what I need (burning CDs, single-layers DVD-Rs, maybe double-layer DVD-Rs eventually, single-layer BD-Rs, and double-layer BD-Rs), the Pioneer would be more reliable than the LG, based on your experience? By the way, is the Pioneer riplocked? Is downgrading firmware risky? Also, I'm a bit confused about which Pioneer model is which. There are at least two with similar names. Is the one that you have? https://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-Electronics-Internal-Blu-Ray-BDR-2209/dp/B00GD792US/ Or it this one? https://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-Electronics-Internal-Blu-Ray-BDR-209DBK/dp/B00H2GTXKS/ Is there any significant difference between the two?
  5. Would the firmware make a difference for someone (such as me) who never uses rewritable discs?
  6. I checked the disc ID as you said, and it is MEI-T02-001. Very disappointing. So you don't know for certain whether it could be an issue that only affects certain brands of media?
  7. I only ever buy Panasonic BD-Rs (and Verbatim DVD-Rs). I've never burned any sort of double-layer discs whatsoever, though. Do you know if anyone has had success burning double-layer BD-Rs with the WH16NS40 (the newer model that you have)? Could it be that the failures you experienced were a fluke rather than the rule?
  8. What about the LG WH14NS40 (the one that I currently have)? Does it write to double-layer BD-Rs correctly? I've never written to a double-layer disc (either DVD or Blu-ray) but was considering getting some double-layer BD-Rs soon. If it does, then would it be better to just get another WH14NS40 rather than upgrade to a WH16NS40?
  9. If I do wind up buying a replacement soon, do you think that an LG WH16NS40 (not to be confused with the older model WH14NS40, which is what I have) would be a good choice? Do you know if it tends to provide high-quality burns on DVDs and Blu-rays?
  10. I ordered it in April of 2014, and have been using it ever since. I've never heard of drives needing to be replaced that quickly. It's always been my understanding that they're supposed to last a decade or longer. Does it relate to how often they are used or some other variable?
  11. I have an LG WH14NS40 Blu-ray burner which has worked well for a number of years on multiple computers (I've replaced the computers but kept the drive, switching it to each new one). I have used IMGBurn to burn DVDs and Blu-rays for years now, with very few problems. I use the automatic verify option of IMGBurn, which automatically cycles the tray then verifies the disc that has just been burned. It usually works correctly. However, I decided to burn some DVDs last night, and ran into problems. The first one burned and verified without incident. The second one seemingly burned without incident, but when the tray finished cycling, BD-Rebuilder was taking forever to verify it. The verification was at a rate of about 50 kbps, and it was estimating that it would take about 36 hours to finish. Meanwhile, the burner was making a pitiful noise like it was straining to try to read information off of the disc. I canceled the verification. I've had this problem a few times before, but it was always just a once-off that would happen once every few months or so. So I assumed that this would again be the case. I then tried burning the disc again (to a different blank disc), and it burned and verified without incident. But the next disc that I burned ran into the same verification problem. I tried burning to another disc, and the problem hit again. I ejected the last disc that gave me an error and put it back in to try to verify it with IMGBurn again, and the same problem continued. But I then closed IMGBurn, ejected the disc and put it back in yet again, then reopened IMGBurn and selected its verify option, and was able to successfully verify the disc against the ISO I had burned it from in just a few minutes. (I still don't trust the disc, though.) This error striking three times in one night has me extremely worried. Does anyone know what could be causing this problem or what I should do about it? The IMGBurn log is included as an attachment. ImgBurn.log

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