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  1. Hi guys! I "built" & burned a data DVD+RW containing a 4.2GB video (.mkv) file with ImgBurn. I used UDF 2.50 to build the disc. I then deleted the original file off my HDD. I now want to copy that file back off the disc to my HDD, so I can recode it to a BD-5 Blu Ray. I found a "UDF 2.50 driver" & installed that. That allows me to "see" the file on the disc in Win Explorer, but if I right click the file to go copy, I get a BSOD. If I read the ISO back with ImgBurn, I (logically) get a UDF 2.50 ISO. If I go "Rip Video DVD To Harddisk" with AnyDVD, I get a "Drive not ready" message. How can I harvest that file?
  2. Race Guy

    BD-RE Format Error

    Just remember, in the "Land/World Of Obama" , ALL expectations are SEVERELY diminished! So 3 bux for a Ritek RE compared to like $14 for a Verbatim is a SMOKIN' deal. Even if I experience a 25% failure rate (which I probably wont), effectively they'll only be $4 a piece. If I recall, you could "resurrect" a stubborn DVDRW by letting it sit in the sun for a while. It was supposed to "re-melt" everything back into position. I'm also going to contact Ritek "support" & see if they're willing to stand behind their product. Hmmmmm......, which of those 2 "methods" do you think will get me the best results? Thanks for the info mmalves!
  3. Race Guy

    BD-RE Build To Drive Timing

    I KNEW you might say something like that LUK! I was building/writing an RE when I asked, so I couldn't look at the settings for at LEAST another hour & a half. See ya!
  4. If I build an image directly to the drive using a "virgin" BD-RE, the steps on my end are: 1) Format disc (which takes about 1h20min) 2) Zeroing sectors (which takes about 40min) 3) The image build/write starts, the "label" box opens & you have 30 seconds to alter the label or it's auto accepted. 4) A confirmation box opens that shows the image "specs" & you can OK or Cancel. It's "frozen" there till you pick. Could you eliminate (or make switchable) the "30 second timeout" on the label box. I usually want to alter the label, but if I'm not there to catch that 30 second window, there's no way to back up to it other than canceling the whole thing out. Since we freeze on the next step, why not freeze on the labeling step? Thanks!
  5. Race Guy

    BD-RE Format Error

    I've had 4 of these discs give me this error. I do a "Build Image" directly to the drive, load the virgin disc & it tries to format it ("erasing disc" for an hour and a half). If the format is successful, it goes "zeroing sectors" for another hour or so & then it writes the image. I've had a LOT of "success" doing this, so I doubt it's a drive problem. On a format failure, it skips the zeroing op & goes directly to the image write. On all 4 of the "failures", I was able to write to them one time & they played fine. On 2 of them I did a "rewrite" of a new image & was successful. On the other 2, I tried to rewrite & it just wont go. It stalled out in the "writing lead in" operation, throwing errors that say "failed to write sectors 1152-1183 reason: write error"....... etc......etc. So then I try a "full erase" to attempt to reformat them. I pop in the first one & start the process. I see "erasing disc 0%" & walk away for an hour or so. I come back & see I'm still at "0%". The LED is pulsing on the drive, like it's writing, but apparently nothing's happening. So I try to "abort", but I get a "can't stop this operation" screen. So I have to reboot the computer. I try the second RE......, same deal,........, stuck on 0% for a LONG time........., reboot. Is there any way to "resurrect" these 2 discs? Yes......, yes........, I know they're Ritek's, but at 3 bux a piece for "RE's", I couldn't pass them up!! According to Ritek's site, my drive/firmware is "recommended hardware" for this "model" of RE. Also, could you explain the "nuts & bolts" of the RE format process a little more? What the HECK is goin' on there? Thanks!
  6. Race Guy

    BD-RE Format Error

    I occasionally get this "Format Command Failed" error when I format (full erase) a "virgin" BD-RE: I 13:56:24 Operation Started! I 13:56:24 Device: [6:2:0] HL-DT-ST BD-RE GGW-H20L YL05 (Q:) (ATA) I 13:56:24 Media Type: BD-RE (Disc ID: RITEK-BW1-01) (Speeds: 2x) I 13:56:24 Quick Erase: No I 13:56:24 Format Properly: Yes I 13:56:24 Format Size: Maximum I 13:56:24 Format With Full Certification: Yes I 13:56:24 Format Without Spare Areas: Yes I 13:56:24 Erasing Disc... W 15:18:17 Potential 'WaitImmediateIO' Deferred Error - (99%, 0/4) - Format Command Failed E 15:18:19 Failed to Erase Disc! - Reason: Format Command Failed I 15:18:19 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 01:21:54 If I then write to this disc, it'll burn & verify fine. What's it all mean? See ya!
  7. Race Guy

    BD-RE Reformat To Max Capacity

    EXCELLENT! I now have 12,219,392 sectors & 25,025,314,816 bytes free, which I think is identical to a BD-R. Thanks Mr. UK!!!
  8. I formatted a blank BD-RE with "Prefer Format Without Spare Areas" NOT checked, which saves some "spare area", as I discovered in another post. Consequently, I have a disc that's now about .75 GB smaller in capacity than a BD-R would be. What's the procedure to reformat this disc to "max capacity". Nothin's jumping out at me in the "Tools" pull down. Also, in the Write Settings tab, there's a pull down that says: "Prefer Format Size" & the 3 choices are "Preferred, Minimum, Maximum". The obvious choice is "Maximum", but is it the correct choice? Thanks!!
  9. Race Guy

    Formatted BD-RE capacity only 22.5G

    Morning! I'm reading this AFTER I formatted an RE & it ended up about .75 GB short of an R. What's the procedure to reformat it to full capacity? I unchecked the setting described above, but a "reformat" button isn't jumping out at me! Thanks!
  10. Race Guy

    UDF 2.50 Labeling

    I noticed that when I build a UDF 2.50 ISO, the label tab allows me 63 character spaces. After writing that ISO to the HDD, I switch to Write Mode. If I then, right click "label" & select change, I'm allowed twice as many, 126 spaces. Why the diff?
  11. Race Guy

    One Click Build & Burn

    It still writes the ISO to the drive first, correct? If so, on the Output pulldown just add option #3, "Device & Image File". EASY for ME to say, ain't it?
  12. Race Guy

    One Click Build & Burn

    HUH! Who knew THAT was there! Let's say I built this "test" Blu Ray image & I want to burn it to an "RE" first to make sure it functions, 'cause I don't want to "blow" a 5 buck BD-R. I still want to have the ISO ready, 'cause if this baby plays the way I think it should, I'm burnin' it for "keeps"! At first glance, "output to device" doesn't look like it keeps the ISO............, but I've been wrong before too!.
  13. Race Guy

    One Click Build & Burn

    You know how it takes a while to "build" a 25GB BD-R ISO? I know, it's not THAT long, but it would be nice to add a box to the Build>Options tab that sez "Burn ISO After Build". You'd need to have a pointer to the correct burner & that burner would have to be manually preset to the users preferences. As far as verify & delete when done, maybe you could have those as options in Build also in that "group"?? There you go!
  14. Race Guy

    BD-RE & LG Write Speed

    Now that you mention that Mr. M........., that option MAY have been presented to me AFTER IB completed the format. Not knowing what it was, I OBVIOUSLY selected "no"! What's a "safe" speed for BD-R writes for a standalone player? This burner goes 6x, the media is 4x, I might just go 2x on the first one to see what happens! THANKS!!
  15. Race Guy

    BD-RE & LG Write Speed

    Hi guys! I just installed an LG GGW-H20L SATA BD burner. It's rated 6x/2x/6x. In the box is an LG 2x BD-RE. For some reason, the fastest write speed it'll do on that RE via ImgBurn is 1x. When it was blank, I did the "full format", then it did a "zeroing sectors" operation, then I burned my first test. The first burn, I had speed set to "MAX" & got 1x, I also tried Auto & fixed at 2x & still got 1x. Any ideas? The burns verified good & played good, they just take so DOG GONE LONG. My 'puter isn't an i7 rocketship, just an AMD 5000+ x2, but I'm SURE it can feed the 9KB/s which is "2x". See ya!

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