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  1. Hello Sometimes I burn a backup copy of the audio cds, that I frequently use. I then use the copy instead of the original. I read the following topic http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/24190-major-problem-with-audio-cd-burning/ and followed some of the steps but I still have a very bad audio quality on the burnt audio cd. I am no expert in audio settings or processing on computers. Until beginning of the year the quality of the burnt audio CDs where great. I have burnt only 2 backup so far this year: the first in February was perfect and the second is terrible. The audio quality of original files to burn is perfect. Attached are my ImgBurn logfile and a sample of the directshow filters for one of the files. I had installed lately something called LAV filters in July 2017 because I wanted to try something which seemed to require it. After the resulting poor quality of the audio CD, and after searching internet for solution, I immediately uninstalled it. I also searched on microsoft website, but can't find any place where to download the original DirectShow Filters. I can't find instructions on how to reset my audio settings, or anything necessary to get the audio quality back. Any help of what to replace, update, else, and how to do it, would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance cheers gilles ImgBurn-20170917bad_audio_quality.log

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