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  1. having the same problem here where in the setting do i find the spare area to check it? also if i just have 1 folder bdvm and not the other folder can i still burn it to blu ray disc and play on the sony player?
  2. i used an usb dvdrw drive to burn a disc and only had the log say hard disk recovery six times.using internal dive maybe twelve times saying that.if i use a external hdd will it stop saying hard disk recovery.if i goto hdd properties tools and use error check tool will it find the fragmention on the drive and fix it.if i use it will i lose data onthe dive.
  3. heres is what im seeing.when i did the this test burn cpu useage low. i dont do any p2p programs.i think the drives are on different lines.a few day back i did see a box pop up saying disk fragment error but i thought it was the rw disc in the drive.if it is fragment hdd how would i fix this.what is drives playing up.
  4. i have done it and still it does the same thing.i have two controllers one is grayed out for device used. it has been doing it for over a month or more.
  5. not using usb dvdrw.both hard drive and dvdrw drive on dma mode.even if i burn with nero it is still slowburn.
  6. when i burn in imgburn start off good then both buffers go wild.then writing start to slow down to 1x-3x.when this happens log says waiting for buffers to recover and waiting for hard drive activity to reach thres hold level.what is wrong or what im i doing wrong
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