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  1. 1 I was askin for a lil help, all ya had to say was "cant help you there". 2 I'm sure what you guys are diong isn't exactly text book LEGAL either, so dont go starting shit til you know what you are doing is right. 3 nobody tells me!!! 4 sorry bout the choice of wording, i'm not a big fan of the sarcasm. But never the less, SORRY
  2. well hot damn, there is somebody out there that decided they weren't goin to be a sarcastic mother fucker!!!!!!!!!
  3. actually i was serious, and about the copyright act that someone posted, very funny. Anything that i do on this program is strictly for my own personal use. Now with that said, i am just experimenting with it. I have paid for my download program thus for, as long as i am not making and selling the movies that i burn, I am not doing anything illegal. All i am asking for is a little help, not the sarcasm. So does anybody out there have any info that will help me with this??????
  4. hey, i was wondering if anyone knows how to burn a downloaded movie? I use limewire to download them and they are in avi format. Am i doing something wrong? Downloading the wrong file types? Anything?
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