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  1. Oh ok! Pardon me. Disks are in the hopper, none in the drive. I have a cygwin environment w/bash shell script that generates and calls the supplied command. Imgburn loads up, I see it searching for robots, then the Nimbie does the eject tray, close tray, eject tray bit, then drops a disc onto the tray, tray closes, anydvd hd does its thing, then imgburn does its read init, and then things start going.
  2. And here's one where it's actually working. "c:\Program Files (x86)/ImgBurn/ImgBurn.exe" /MODE READ /SRC W /DEST "u:\test\ISOs\NEW01\nimbie02\[DISC_LABEL]_W_PP7TWSPD.iso" /EJECT /CLOSE /START See image... Please fix.
  3. Greetings, I'm running into a situation where when calling imgburn from commandline it randomly ignores/clobbers the dest name w/only the [DISC_LABEL]. For instance: "c:\Program Files (x86)/ImgBurn/ImgBurn.exe" /MODE READ /SRC W /DEST "u:\test\ISOs\NEW01\nimbie02\[DISC_LABEL]_W_7RJ2118T.iso" /EJECT /CLOSE /START Where [DISC_LABEL] is internally detokenized to be the label of the disc. This w/irksome random frequency ends up being clobbered to just whatever the [DISC_LABEL] evaluates to. It's only an issue when whatever asshats that may have mastered a TV series don't know their job and use the same disc label for each disk in a given season. In my most recent instance, STAR_WARS_CLONE_WARS_S1_BOX. When imgburn opens, while it's 'initialising disc...' the output file is filled in _correctly_...in this case u:\test\ISOs\NEW01\nimbie02\STAR_WARS_CLONE_WARS_S1_BOX_W_7RJ2118T.iso but then when it goes to the read progress screen the output is, again not always but when the bug occurs, u:\test\ISOs\NEW01\nimbie02\STAR_WARS_CLONE_WARS_S1_BOX.ISO Can you please either _fix_ that or provide another token; [RANDOM_STRING] or _something_? Note that I _have_ tried adding [DATETIME] and the same exact issue occurs. Thanks!
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