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    error message of sorts at startup

    Thanks. It was in UpperFilters: GEARAspiWDM SiRemFil GEARAspiWDM seems to be some junk from iTunes. I'll remove both. Thanks.
  2. charleski

    error message of sorts at startup

    The drive is plugged into one of the Intel SATA ports with 2 disks in RAID on 2 of the other ports. Are you saying I should remove the SiliconImage 3114 driver? (I don't use it anyway.) Yes, I've been playing with different BIOSes to see which is best for overclocking.
  3. charleski

    error message of sorts at startup

    You might like to know my experience: Motherboard: Intel 975xbx Burner: TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-W163A (Samsung) ImgBurn worked fine, but after upgrading the BIOS to 1363 I developed the error described above when running ImgBurn 2.0. I ignored the error and tried a burn, which just led to a series a nasty grating sounds from my drive as it tried to write the lead-in. Shut down the computer, waiting a minute to ensure the drive had reset, chucked the coaster and booted up, but still got the error. Upgraded to version 2.1 and the error is gone ( ). Disc is writing fine now.

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