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    I would like to reiterate that mirrors who host malware-containing advertisements are an obvious problem. I'll donate $100 in the next week if you remove the DD mirror (I know that's not much but it's what I can offer). Other than that I can only advise anyone who reads this to take care and view the screenshot above.
  2. Jaytea


    I understand. May I suggest you stop linking this particular mirror? It's one thing to download something one doesn't want, it's entirely another thing to download a malware bomb.
  3. Jaytea


    I got the history, and it looks like the mirror was "Digital Digest." I first was at the first address below, and that page took me to the second address for the download. http://downloads.dddwnld.com/software/download.php?sid=470&ssid=0&did=1 http://freeburningtools-down.com/download_prompt.php?file=imgburn&app=is&fzf=1
  4. Jaytea


    I'll check the history in the morning.
  5. Jaytea


    Edit: I discovered the issue must be with the mirror. I downloaded from imgburn.com (in the mirror list) and am now using this awesome simple tool successfully. My rant below was not for the fault of the ImgBurn developer as I originally thought, but the fault of a sneaky mirror host. I have used ImgBurn for years and love it. Today I would recommend nobody try to install it because the installer I got from a link from ImgBurn.com mutilated my brand new PC. I specifically declined third party installs but that was not respected by the installer, and after I finally got rid of the malware using Malwarebytes Internet explorer was left in an unworking state (I can ping using cmd just fine). I cannot download anything to fix my PC and of course since it's brand new I haven't downloaded any other browsers. Shame on you, developing fine software only to eventually use it to deliver malware. Unfortunately having once remembered ImgBurn as a go-to utility I will now remember it as a scar.

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