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  1. Ok, I also found an app called WinCDEmu, it's freeware too. Looks good. Alcohol 120% looks like a very good option, maybe more desirable to make images of game discs. Do I need a high-end optical drive for this?. I've heard that a Plextor drive is sometimes required.
  2. Ok!, i will try an additional software!, Thanks!.
  3. Great to know this!, I've chosen ISO to avoid problems later, I've tried IMG (with a DVD) but the image doesn't mounts right in win 10.
  4. Many thanks dbminter, I will keep that in mind!.
  5. Hello! Currently I am doing a backup of a big collection of data CDs and DVDs. My first choice of the image format is .BIN / .CUE, but I've heard that this format is mostly for CDs... Is it Okay to use BIN for creating images of DVDs?, or should I choose .ISO instead?. Many thanks.

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