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    BDRW Problems

    All my BD disks are coming up as empty on this drive (mixed brands), but work on the BR Player. Many of these discs were burnt on these LG drives and worked (on the drive) at the time. The same problem happened with the first drive. I got it replaced, the new one worked, then just stopped working for BD discs after a period of not using it. I've tried different ports, a different machine, blow can (it's a clean system, but why not) but no avail. It's strange that it can recognise that a disk is present but treats it as empty. I'm not sure how the drive works on that level, but it does suggest that the laser can see the disk. I know these drives use a separate laser just for bluray, which is why I suspect it's a fault with that laser, or something within the circuitry. What else could it be? I've read up on some other posts on the internet about software/driver/os problems, but the basic solutions don't seem to work.
  2. chris111

    BDRW Problems

    I've tried the drive on another machine, but it still won't read BD disks. It recognises that a disk is present, but treats it as empty and asks how I would like to use the disk. These disks I am trying are not empty, and have been tested before on the same drive (when they were burnt), and are still read on the Bluray player I already mentioned. Here's the log of the last attempt to burn: There was a write error during leadin, but it seems to have fixed itself. ImgBurn also claims the disc is empty. The drives firmware is the latest, and the one that was already installed on the drive (never been flashed by myself).
  3. chris111

    BDRW Problems

    I closed it and not going to waste time trying again. I just tried to see if it could read a BD data disk that was burnt a couple of months ago. The disc is seen as empty! Tried it in my bluray player (the one connected to the TV), and it works OK and I can see the files. I suspect failed Bluray laser. I might try it on another system at some point.
  4. chris111

    BDRW Problems

    OK, that was one attempt which threw that error. The 6x verbatim throws capability errors but that went away when I set Imgburn to 4x. Imgburn then burns to disk for 20-25 minutes, tells me it's successful, cycles tray, then tells me there's a mismatch when it tries to verify. It turns out that nothing has been burnt to the disk and that it's recognised as empty. I agree that the Phillips discs are cheap, but it was just another media I tried. Regarding Sony, that drive is immortal, so b-grade or not it hasn't let me down (10 years old and it only cost me about £12). I just tried again: Disk is still blank with no colouration on the disk to indicate that anything was burnt.
  5. chris111

    BDRW Problems

    I have an LG BH16NS40 drive. The first one stopped burning BD discs so I returned it and got a replacement. The replacement worked and I managed to successfully burn some BD discs. Now, it just failed to burn any BD disc, like the previous drive, but does burns DVDs. The latest attempt kept giving me "Invalid Address for Write", whilst other attempts seemed to go well but it just left me with an empty disc at the end. I've tried with Verbantim and some Phillips media, but both have been unsuccessful (they did work when the drive was new, though). I have also noticed that the BD disc has scuffs/scratches that weren't there before I put the disc in the drive. The drive appears to have put them there during the burn, which I find a bit odd. It seems like this LG drive is just bad, and now it's out of warranty it looks like I wasted £70-80 at the time, since I am left with a very expensive DVDRW. Is there no hope for this drive? All I did was not use for a while, since I also have a Sony DVDRW which I use for general use, and haven't needed to burn any BD discs for a while. The simple passage of time, not wear and tear, seems to kill this drive's BDR abilities.

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