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  1. Thanks for the clarification. You may want to consider some UI change so that the fact that this does not apply to blu-ray is obvious.
  2. I have an LG HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH16NS40 blu-ray burner with version 1.03 firmware. I am using imgburn on Linux using Crossover/Wine. While burning a dual layer BD-RE disk, I noticed a lot of seeking near the end of layer 0. I went into the settings and (since I needed very little of layer 1 to finish the disk) set the layer break to a value equal to 75% of a layer. Despite this, when reburning the disk, it continued on layer 0 to the same point as before, again starting to seek excessively. It seems that the layer break setting is being ignored. Is this supposed to work on blu-ray disks? If so, it would seem that we have a bug. If not, to avoid confusion the setting should be labeled DVD layer break. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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