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    I just wanted to mention, this OpenCandy installer stuff is trash. Even if you carefully uncheck all the options, sometimes the installer will still give you some malware. I've installed the program many times on VMs, and it's got a nice variety of malware that it gives you, whether or not you agree, anything from PUPs to full on ransomware. This is no joke, there is a reason why OpenCandy itself is instantly detected by most anti-malware and is so hated by the much of the community. It's pretty infamous, and many decent pieces of software moved on to a better source of income instead of hoping their users won't fall for the social engineering tricks that plague the installer. Of course, people want to earn money for their hard work producing software, I make software myself, but make better choices. Just because you may avoid the majority of the malware by unchecking boxes, doesn't mean the average person will. It's irresponsible, rude and you're only providing another gateway and funding for the malicious people behind the malware. If anything, just pester your users for a small donation. If you've got so many users, I'm sure plenty will be happy to donate even $1 USD, and that will add up quickly. It's far less intrusive, and will give the software a better image. I have seen people recommend software other than this simply because of your installer... Also one of the big PUPs OpenCandy is known to install is Conduit, which is notoriously difficult to install for a PUP... Many, many unknowing users are getting stuck with software like this, as your punishment for them not being computer savvy enough. Please consider the less knowledgeable users more.

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