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  1. Seems this discussion changed it's topic to Layer-break. Let's try with illustration. I need to create a DL disc (it does not matter if it is DVD or BD) with following layout:
  2. File size above 8.5GB indicates that BD-R is required. File size above ~23868MB indicates that BD-R DL is required. For my particular example I do not need to know where exactly the layer-break is (how much sectors are in each layer), it's somewhere in half of the disc. I need to write half of the file from beginning of the disc and second half of the file to the end of the disc. For the reason I mentioned before I want to avoid the layer-break area therefore I need to write a dummy file (or recovery files, which is more useful) to that area to fill almost entire disc capacity .
  3. Hello. Does ISO9660/UDF specification allows file fragmentation? Let's say a need to write 40 GB big backup file to 50GB disc. Because I don't know how reliable this disc is I decided to create 8 GB of recovery files with par2 utility. I am assuming that most critical is the layer-break area (few MB before and after) therefore I write these par2 files to that critical area (to both layers) and because the 40 GB file will not fit to one layer it will be splitted to 2 areas, it will surround par2 files. Thanks.
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