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  1. dbminter, Yep that one I got at the start of my efforts, but I wanted to only have the song titles being displayed.....just trying to make it do what I wanted!! ....but all good now....Thanks again!!
  2. Tutorial: Read. Disk: Done!! Thanks again folks!!!
  3. Very many thanks dbminter & IT2S! I confess I have basically been using the default settings after I had installed ImgBurn but had managed to work out how to get the song titles on to the tracks. I like the software but find there are a LOT of options to have to wade through!! I will try to find the tutorial on CUE files & have another go! Again many thanks!!
  4. Hi Folks! I'm new to ImgBurn & so far have just been playing around to create simple music disks for the car. The issue I have is how to burn the tracks on to the CD in the order I have chosen? After I have loaded the files in to the 'Source' box I then expand it & move them aup/down for my chosen order. Example below: However when I burn them they still come out in alphabetical order. I have a good look through the various menus & options but cannot seem to find why this is happening....... Any help would be appreciated!
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