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  1. Hi LIGHTNING UK and all, I was trying to burn the Linux installation image to disc yesterday with ImgBurn on W2K12 R2. The original image file has its default Volume Label. There're three formats/ standards and have different naming rules, limitation. I want the Volume Label can be the same in three different formats. It's easily to identify in operating system, I think. But once I changed the default volume label, it can't be restored. I tried uninstalling ImgBurn, restart the system, then reinstall ImgBurn again. The Volume Label was not restored to default. The related setting is not included in ImgBurn.ini. And I took some time to check the registries, looking for the keyword: imgburn Nothing useful was found. How can I restore the default Volume Label of the image file? Otherwise, where's the setting or mapping table, records stuff that I can modify or delete? Please help! Thanks.

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