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    Skips in ISO from VIDEO_TS

    Well, I have to correct myself. My test VIDEO_TS folder must have a problem. I SWEAR I watched the original video and converted it to ISO with CloneDVD with absolutely no problems. I ran the batch ImgBurn, watched the ISO, and saw a skip 3/4 through it. I suspected the speed issue, boosted some buffer settings in ImgBurn, and tried again. This time, I saw a skip in the first minute. I again watched the ISO made from CloneDVD with no skips. Convinced ImgBurn was presenting a problem, I cleared out my test folders, including the good CloneDVD ISO. However, I just hit the same skip from the VIDEO_TS folder. I SWEAR though that it wasn't there earlier... Can moving or copying a VIDEO_TS folder in Windows introduce skips? I may have had more than one copy of this VIDEO_TS folder...maybe I kept a bad one. Hrrm...confused... Going back to my original thought/concern...should I have any concerns about ImgBurn going too fast on my aged PC and introducing an error while putting the video into an ISO container?
  2. SWAMi

    Skips in ISO from VIDEO_TS

    No, I'm just moving from VIDEO_TS to ISO. All the files are staying on my hard drive. I can play the source video without any problems, but when I get hiccups on SOME of the ISO's. Even the same player application... I can take the same source video and convert it to ISO with CloneDVD and the ISO has no problems. My thinking was something along the lines that running ImgBurn in batch was too fast and my computer, which is decent, but aging, wasn't keeping up. The skipping is very much like poor burn quality....but I'm not burning to disc. I was hoping the /speed 2.4x would slow down imgburn...
  3. Hi, I was wondering if I could get some help with batch converting DVD rips (Video_TS folders) to ISO. I have 8 kids in the home and DVD's get scratched and destroyed all the time. I began backing up my DVD collection years ago to combat the grimy hands and scratches. I have a bunch of DVD backup rips in VIDEO_TS format that I'd like to convert to ISO. I wanted to do a test run of some small videos, so I ran 5 or 6 videos through the batch imgburn process. But...I'm having mixed results...sometimes, the videos have no problems. Other times, I get a video which briefly skips and pauses. The sample video is less than 8 mins long. When watching the ISO video, the picture skips and jumps three times during the 32 - 49 second area. If I redo the conversion, it may or may not show up again and not in the same spot. Here is the cmd line I'm using: @for /d %%i in (*.*) do "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe" /MODE BUILD /BUILDINPUTMODE STANDARD /BUILDOUTPUTMODE IMAGEFILE /SRC "%%i\" /DEST "C:\_MovieArchive\%%i.iso" /FILESYSTEM "ISO9660 + UDF" /UDFREVISION "1.02" /VOLUMELABEL "%%i" /PRESERVEFULLPATHNAMES NO /ROOTFOLDER YES /NOIMAGEDETAILS /SPEED 2.4x /START /CLOSESUCCESS The log is attached. ImgBurn.log

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