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  1. Hello! I sometimes have an issue with burning iso's to a physical DVD. It starts the task normal and at around ~50% (+/-10%) of writing, suddenly the speed drops to an extreme low rate (0.0x) and only once in a longer period it writes a few bytes and then gets stuck again for minutes. It keeps this slow speed for a few hours and suddenly returns to the normal speed and finishes the job succesfully. The funny point is, the DVD seems to be fine after it - no problems. This issue does not happen everytime, but once every few discs. Today i had this issue again, but after 10 hours of writing I canceled the job. I've added the log file from the application. The message "W 17:31:06 Failed to Write Sectors 1084832 - 1084863 - Reason: Write Error" appeared after I hit the cancel button. The disk itself is still empty. Any idea's about it? Thanks My Device: Windows 10.0.18363 Memory: 16GB RAM BR-Writer: Samsung SE-506 ImgBurn V2.5.8.0 imgburnlog.txt
  2. Dumdidum

    Endless synchronising cache

    Ok, now i'm able to respond thx Admin! I cannot tell for sure, how long i waited until canceling, but it must be around 20-30 minutes. I used to cancel the process by long-pressing the eject-button of the disc-drive. It stops the currently running operation and throws the disc out - the burning process stops. After that i reinsert the disc and everything seems to be alright. Might be corrupted for some devices, but all the ones I own are okay with it. Do you have an idea, what might cause the drive to do so? Are there any known reasons for this behaviour? There's also another issue that might be interessting in this case. Sometimes the burning process takes really long. At about 50% of the burning process, the writing speed slows down extremely - like 6kb per seconds - and proceeds this write speed for a couple percent of the data. And then suddenly - might be at 55% for example - the speed increases up back to normal and finishes the process succesfully.
  3. Dumdidum

    Endless synchronising cache

    Hello there, i'm stuck in an endless loop with synchronising cache and it's not the first time. But it happens only one time in many successful write operations. Now i want to go into it and get the reason. After a little searching the web, i found this topic http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/1930-problem-after-burn/ from 2006. There's a hint about activating the logs using F8. I did so, and now i get these repeating messages: I 10:54:56 [0:0:0] TSSTcorp BDDVDW SE-506BB TS00 (E:) (USB) I 10:54:56 CDB: 00 00 00 00 00 00 I 10:54:56 CDB Interpretation: Test Unit Ready E 10:54:56 SENSE: 70 00 02 00 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 00 04 08 00 00 00 00 E 10:54:56 SENSE SK Interpretation: Not Ready E 10:54:56 SENSE ASC/ASCQ Interpretation: Logical Unit not ready, Long Write in progress Screenshot: The point is, the "logical unit" - i assume my burning drive - seems to be available for me, as it is constantly blinking from interaction. In the past i always canceled the operation forcefully - mostly without trashing the disc. But it bugs me, what is the reason behind this? Why does this happen? My system: OS: Win7 ImgBurn: Drive: Samsung SE-506AB/TSWD Disc: Verbatim 4.7GB 16x DVD-R

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