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  1. I was attempting to make a back up of the cd in "Steve Miller's Fly like an eagle 30 th anniversary CD/DVD combo and it put the worst hurt on my system I have ever seen. It has rendered useless all burner software. Sure I uninstalled my burner software, no go, I then tried reloading my primary (C:) drive with the image I had on my secondary (D:) drive, no go. I thought I had see it all but this put a "global kill" to ALL audio files I have on my Windows XP Home system. Having been around I thought I had my butt covered running a primary and secondary hard drives in my system, I even use Acronis True Image to store a entire system image on the secondary drive so if I ran into trouble I could just reload the primary hard drive with a good system image and be back up and running. My back up image did not fix the problem as that's what I tried first, reimage the primary (C:) drive but it DID NOT get me back up and burning. But what ever has happened has caused EVERY audio file to be caring something thatrenders things useless. I copied a previous known good back up of a cd to a usb stick, went over to my other machine and that file has got something BAD on it. Now keep in mind NEITHER machine is connected or has EVER been connected to the internet in hopes to avoid problems, I thought I had taken EVERY possible precaution! It's as if that damm cd put a kill setting throughout EVERY audio file. I have never seen such devistion caused by copy write protection! The second system was PERFECTLY fine, I had made a back up of a known cd that could be backed up with out killing the system on my other unit, Imageburn performed perfectly, thanks LightingUK!, just to verify that it wasn't the media I was using, it made the back up just fine. I then tried to creat a back up cd of a known good back up file off the suspect machine and it failed, power calibration errors, failed verification, the two images did not match. If ANYONE has had similar problems PLEASE reach out to me this is the most devastating harm I have ever seen caused by cd protection crapever!
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